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Root Canal

Root Canal

Our teeth are supported by their roots, not unlike the foundations of a building.  Looking after the roots is vitally important to keeping your teeth.

Inside the tooth is a chamber with fine spaces leading into the root/s where the dental nerves and blood vessels (pulp) are.  If the pulp becomes diseased, or it dies, an abscess and/or toothache can occur.  In the past, teeth that were abscessed or had infections in their roots often had to be extracted, but now we can offer the option of root canal teatment.  This allows you to keep your teeth longer.

Root canal treatment is performed under local anasethetic and is quite an intricate process.  The pulp chamber of the tooth is cleaned and all the diseased tissue is removed from the root canals.  The canals are shaped, then sealed with a permanent filling material.  Finally, the crown of the tooth is restored.

Root canal treatment will usually require more than one appointment and may be completed over a number of weeks.

Following Root Canal treatment we advise Dental Crowns to reduce the risk of tooth fracture and better seal.

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