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Are you nervous?

Are you nervous?

Great dental treatment is all about your needs.

We appreciate some of you have not always had the most pleasant experiences in dental treatment.  We can assure you that times have changed; modern dentistry, and the very latest in pain management techniques means our team at Dentistry on Parkside provides the very best dental treatment options, always with a total focus on your care and comfort.

Should you wish, we are happy to discuss options for anxiety management, and if you’d like to chat with us about this first, or about any other dental treatment need of yours, please do so.

Similarly, if you haven’t seen a dentist for a while and you’re beginning to feel a little embarrassed about the condition of your teeth, put that all to one side. We understand the ups and downs of life can sometimes get in the way, but now’s your chance to put your dental health first.

At Dentistry on Parkside we offer a full range of general and cosmetic dental treatment options including implant dentistry.  Owner and Principal, Dr. Arun Velusamy keeps himself and the practice and staff up to date on the latest technology and equipment and on going training.

If you would like to arrange a consultation, or simply wish to know more about our dental clinic services in Ashburton, please Contact Us.