Patient Information

Dentistry on Parkside provides a premiere service, delivering
results of the highest quality in a relaxing, modern environment
  • New Patients

    New Patients

    Dentistry on Parkside prides itself on providing the Ashburton community all of your dentistry requirements locally without having to travel, focusing on the best possible treatment and your comfort.  From the moment you come into our relaxed modern practice, you…

  • Your first visit

    Your first visit

    We recommend an hour for your first appointment, as a combination visit with one of our Dental Hygienist and one of our Dentist’s, so we can get to know you, and what you want.  We’ll then give you options allowing you…

  • Our Fees

    Our Fees

    Dentistry on Parkside appreciates cost is an important consideration for you.  We always try our best to provide options to help you manage treatment within your budget. At Dentistry on Parkside we encourage all our patients to regularly see our…

  • Are you nervous?

    Are you nervous?

    Great dental treatment is all about your needs. We appreciate some of you have not always had the most pleasant experiences in dental treatment.  We can assure you that times have changed; modern dentistry, and the very latest in pain…