Amanda Allen (née Buxcey)

Registered Oral Health Therapist

Amanda Allen

BOH (Otago), PgDipHealSc

Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m a registered Oral Health Therapist here at Dentistry on Parkside.  I joined the team in 2010 after gaining a Bachelor of Oral Health from the University of Otago in Dunedin and have been enjoying life in Ashburton ever since, even finding time to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences. 

The Dental Therapy aspect of being an Oral Health Therapist means I am responsible for looking after the oral health of our children and adolescent patients.  Looking after teeth from an early age and creating great oral hygiene habits is the best way to prevent tooth and gum problems in the future.  Basic dental treatment is also free for adolescents from year 9 until their 18th Birthday! 

My role in the Dental Hygiene department here is primarily in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of periodontal (gum and jawbone) disease.  People often ask why they need to have their teeth professionally cleaned, or what will happen at the appointment.  At every hygiene visit I will assess the general health of the gums and bone levels, remove the bacteria and calculus (tartar) that cause inflammation and polish any stains away.  For those patients wanting to really whiten and brighten the teeth we can discuss our options for tooth whitening.  Looking after the health of our gums helps to maintain the bone and ligaments that are supporting the teeth, increase the life of any restorative care, prevent new decay and is also important for our overall health.  Most patients are recommended to have this carried out twice a year, but I will make recommendations on an individual basis determined by our findings and discussion.

When I’m not at work you might find me out and about in Ashburton enjoying my passion for good coffee, keeping fit and volunteering for the CanInspire Charitable Trust.